WordPress.com or WordPress.org Which Should You Use

WordPress.com or WordPress.org, Which Do You Use

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You’ve heard of WordPress.com or WordPress.org but you’re not quite sure which one do you need to use.

In this article we’ll look at the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org that may help you decide which is best for you based on your needs.

When you’re getting started online there are so many questions.

And one of the biggies is how to build a website and, which is the best platform to get started with.

While you’ll often get the answer WordPress, what you’ll rarely learn is if you should chose WordPress(dot)com or WordPress(dot)org.? And, there is a difference.

So let’s dive in and take at the differences to help get you started off on the right foot.

WordPress.com V WordPress.org What’s the Difference

Although they are somewhat similar, WordPress.com and WordPress.org are, actually, two platforms. offering different internet solutions.

With WordPress.com, you have limited control over what you can and can’t do. (It’s like being a house guest with limited privileges)

Whereas, with WordPress.org you have full control of every little thing. (It’s like being the house owner with full control)

What are the Key Differences

In a nutshell, www.WordPress.com is a free-to-use, no-worries, solution for sharing information using a site. You can use it to build a blog and share your content.

It’s a way to have a website up and running in minutes. You can chose from a few theme styles with color variations but you won’t have access to the back end code. It’s kind of like being a guest with limited privileges.

If you just intend to start blogging and share your content then WordPress.COM is a good starting point.

If you want unlimited control over your website from layout via to hosting solutions, then you need to consider WordPress.ORG.

This way you will get to pick and register your own domain and, choose the best hosting for your website. You’ll have a lot more options and full control.

Which is the Most Secure Option

When you’re considering which is the most secure option there is a distinct difference between between the WordPress dot com and dot org extension.

WordPress.COM security is all done automatically. WordPress secures and protects their platform and as a guest you’ll fall under that security.

With WordPress.ORG as you have opted to take control of your site, you are responsible for implementing your own safety measures.

If you use the WordPress.org open source system, then YOU will need to make sure your WordPress.org internet site is safe.

So although you have much more flexibility with .ORG over the free .COM system, the compromise is that you will have to do a little more work and that includes securing your site.

You can do it yourself, hire a freelancer to do it for you. Below are a couple of factors when considering security.


These above protection procedures are not related to web hosting protection- they belong to your website.

Your home network protection is a separate issue that you need to address to protect against somebody from hacking right into your home network as well as tools.

The most common methods are using software like firewall protection, harmful software program detector, and router with very solid passwords.

BACKUP Your Site

ALWAYS backup your internet site and also your hardware devices. Having a routine back-up strategy will save time, hassle and money in the event of a virus or hardware failure.

Who is WordPress.com Best Suited For

Among the most common WordPress.com users are personal bloggers, who enjoy writing for personal use. Typically they don’t want or need to “own” a website or monetize it. They mainly want a simple blog set up for pleasure.

The free WordPress.com is a perfect choice for blog writers that are doing it for family or just for fun. It is based on the WordPress.org software application but has much less flexibility.

There’s no need to download the software program OR host your website, not worry about back ups. You simply enroll in an account, and you can have a functioning website in minutes.

WordPress.com is cost-free for approximately 3GB of space. The system will deal with it for you.

If you want much more flexibility than WordPress.com, you can upgrade to enjoy endless features. The upgraded account gives you the very same flexibility as the open resource WordPress.ORG software application.

Who is WordPress.org Best For Suited For

Because WordPress.org offers full control it is suited for affiliate marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and organization who want to develop and make money from their site.

As it part of their business model users want to own their asset,s such as buying and owning their domain and web hosting.

When most people use the term WordPress they’re typically referring to WordPress.org, primarily? due to the fact that it offers without a doubt the most flexibility.

It’s also known as the Self Hosted WordPress, while it may sound a little complex,? it really is a simple process. Once you have hosting in place, host providers allow you to install WordPress with a one CLICK download.? And, it’s 100% free for any individual to use.

When downloading the software from WordPress.org, you require 2 things:

You need to set it up with your own hosting company. I use and highly recommend Siteground, their support system is the absolute best.

You need to have your own domain name. I use and recommend Namecheap, who usually offer free privacy for your domains and again excellent customer service.

The WordPress.org platform provides you full control of your website so you can do anything you desire. This might include adding a? variety of plug-ins/apps to enhance your websites functionality, which can be free or paid options.

Also you can choose to make money off your WordPress website by displaying other people’s, your own? affiliate links, without having to worry about upgrading to another plan.

WordPress.org allows you use tools to monitor you site such as Google Analytics for tracking and also customized analytics.

WordPress Overview

When you get started the names WordPress can cause a little confusion. In order to understand this better, let’s take a brief look at how the two came to exist.

WordPress.COM is owned by a company called Automattic, while WordPress.ORG is an open source software that is managed by a non-profit, WordPress Foundation.

Matt Mullenweg is the founder of Automattic and the WordPress Foundation,? Automattic is a for-profit organization. So basically one is for profit, the other is non-profit. So that aside you want to know which is the best one for you?

Which One Should I Choose?

Both platforms have their Pros and Cons as we’ve mentioned above. So if basic? personal use is all you need WordPress.com is? useful with limited function. However, if you are starting a business and plan to make money, Wordperss.org? gives complete control over your website while allowing you to monetize it.

NOTE: WordPress.com is beginning to blur (and complicate) the line between the .COM and.ORG platforms by offering their PAID Business Plan.

TIP: If you are just starting out, and “think” you may need more features later on, then I would recommend building on the WordPress.ORG platform.

You can learn how to get started here with an online business, for? FREE (no credit card required).

In Conclusion or WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Now you’ve got the gist of WordPress.com or WordPress.org and hopefully you not as confused as before.

If you plan to start a blog, you may want to learn how to make money with it or at least have that as an option down the line. If so (dot) ORG will in all likely hood be the best option.

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