Convertri Funnel Builder Fast, Easy, Affordable

Convertri – Ultimate Funnel Builder, Ease and Speed That’s Affordable

Convertri is possibly the fastest easiest and most affordable funnel builder ever.

convertri funnel builder logoIt features optimal up-time, lightening fast speed, it’s easy to use, and, unlike its top funnel software competitor it’s incredibly affordable.

Is it possible that Convertri is better than Clickfunnels?

With it’s simple integration process, in no time, you will have your sales page up and functioning even if you’re not techie!

Convertri easily build funnels, that integrate with your shopping cart and email capture. It allows for the creation of sales and thank you pages that include hosting all under one roof?

And if you are wondering about support, they’ve got you covered.

Yes, there is a Free Trial.

Let’s Learn More About Convertri

Convertri is basically a sales funnel builder software like that of Clickfunnels that is used to create marketing campaigns. The software is built to create squeeze pages, sales funnels, and landing pages and designed by Andrew Fletcher, who is an online marketer and software developer.

Currently, the software has the reputation of being the fastest and best funnel builder in the world. In tests the page speed is proven to load much faster compared to other competitors. And, if your wondering about price… it’s a much cheaper alternative to Clickfunnels.

Benefits that Convertri Offers

According to Vaibhav Singh, a writer, SEO specialist, and Web Developer published an article on and that listed several benefits of using Convertri.

1. Funnel Planners

Convertri offers a comprehensive funnel planner, with all the necessary visual tools to design your funnel. In fact, you will instantly stop using whiteboards for drawing funnel and start doing it directly from the platform.

You will also use the Freeform editor, which lets you customize pages according to your preference.

How it Works

Since the Convertri page builder generates HTML pages, it eliminates conflicts that arise on WordPress sites. But still, WordPress users have the option of downloading the WP plugin.

Then create pages with Convertri and later have them published on WordPress site.

Also, you can add page triggers to help respond to numerous user behaviors. For example, you can design events to be triggered each time visitors do something on the site. Let’s say, like hovering a cursor on certain hyperlinks.

The main reason pages load fast on the WordPress site is because of Convertri creating pages using HTML format.

Here is a link to a video illustrating how Convertri Funnel Planner works:

2. Mobile Optimization

Convertri team knows mobile phones account for the largest share of online traffic. And for this reason, they have an optimizer on the Convertri editor for creating mobile pages.

For instance, if your audiences use mobile devices to visit your site, your landing page needs to be compatible with their mobile screens.

How Convertri Works

Convertri provides you with real tools for search engine optimization. However, Convertri offers you another unique feature to use with the funnel builder which is the clone feature. Which means that you can replicate pages which can be used for? A/B Split.

Split testing is easy as the software uses Snowplow to keeps track of all the clicking which is know to give the highest accuracy on internet click reporting. This helps you to get an understanding of how conversion take place on pages so you can tweak for optimal performance.

Another key factor on reporting is that you can see how effective a mobile campaign funnel is.

You will achieve this by incorporating the funnel builder and data tools. Here, the deep-level analysis conducted on your target pages and give feedback. Thus, staying on the know on how links and buttons perform.

3. Form Integration with Convertri

According to an article published on Convertri gives you a choice to leverage on API and HTML integration. Additionally, there is no limitation to the numbers of software you connect to your online business. For example, the platform can integrate shopping cart, webinar software, email marketing solution, payment processor, automation tools, among others.

The process is simple and needs no techy skills. It will take you seconds to configure your webinar account. Some types of HTML integration would require codes for implementation. But for shopping carts, you need to do nothing since they already integrated the function with Convertri services.

The shopping cart feature is crucial; it helps with subscription and in setting up a regular payment for your business to remain afloat.

There is also a trial period for users to test the payment plan. Too, the feature helps personalized users facing difficulty making a large payment at the same time. They achieve this through a payment plan the tool avails to such users.

How it’s Done

Forms integration is in two ways, API or HTML. The HTML way involves embedding form with codes while the API lets you connect to your preferred services.

How to connect via API:

1. Go to the toolbar and choose the form button.

2. On the dialog box that appears, choose the service you want to be integrated. You can pick either Autoresponder or Webinar. Then, select the service you want from the menu.

3. After service integration, the system will prompt you to open a new integration tab. Now, you should see your dashboard and all integrated services. From here, you remove them if you need to, by clicking the integration button on the left of the menu.

4. Depending on your chosen service, a dialog box will open, and it will prompt you to select a form to add prospects.

5. Here, you will connect the fields on the service form to the ones on the Convertri page. When you choose a field type here, that’s the place user will input information on the autoresponder or webinar service.

6. When done, click on the Thank You Page.

7. Click Done.

How to Connect through HTML

  1. Go the toolbar and choose the forms buttons.

2. On the dialog box, accept HTML forms, then new forms, and new forms from HTML Code.

3. Add a name for your form, then enter the forms codes. Click Create.

4. Click the arrow on the right side of your form to connect with the page. When connected, you can now add form inputs.

4. Importation or Recreation of Pages

Imagine you can import pages to Convertri. Yes, the system allows you to import already created pages from other services. All you’ll do is extract each imported page to Convertri editor to republish. Or else, customize the pages to your likings before republishing.

There you have it if you have any existing page built from other page builders. for Example, the ClickFunnels, LeadPages, WordPress, and OptimizePress, among others. Convertri will recreate them and save you the pain of redesigning from scratch.

Finally, you have the freedom to migrate from a funnel software that is not serving you well. Your business needs to propel further and make conversions. So, if the current platform isn’t helping, move to Convertri. Your entire sales funnels will migrate within minutes.

5. On-Site Split Testing

According to the site, Split testing is another fantastic benefit you get from Convertri. This internal tool allows you to create several similar versions of landing pages and test conversion rates on each. For example, you may change a title on one version and test the successive conversions. Better yet, you can alter the color of a button in one version then test the following conversions.

Apart from Convertri making it easy to run a split test, it has no limitation. You can redo until you’re satisfied you have the page version that outperforms others. Then, end the split test, and the software saves the preferred version on your funnel.

Essentially, split testing is one of the excellent ways to find out how your pages perform. Too, it will test the design, the copy, and page features.

Convertri has a simple and powerful feature that duplicates pages automatically. It allows you to make relevant changes to those copies and then run a conversion test.

6. Simple and Powerful Publish

Publishing of Convertri is simple, you just need one click, and your page goes live. You can also benefit from a CDN, which is custom made for over the network. Besides, the established CDN conducts live traffic and voltage testing, where it can record 100,000 hits per minute.

Another interesting fact of each Convertri publication, each account receives free certificates from SSL. Again, you can publish your pages to WordPress blogsite.

The Convertri software can index pages on google. It also has no effects when released from Convertri, which means the page stays online even when Convertri is attacked or dropped.

7. Ultra Fast Page Load Speed

It’s a fact everyone hates buffering and pages take forever to load. In fact it’s one of the biggest reasons? customers get dissatisfied, abandon a site and are less likely to purchase from one.

A fast page load speed is a crucial for an optimal customer experience, and, when readers are happy so is Google. A study from Google shows that loading speed of a page determines the algorithm signal used to rank pages.

According to an article published on, it states John Mueller, the Senior Webmaster, and Trends Analyst at Google, and defined the magic time to be two seconds. Also, the piece ranks the average load speed of Convertri to be 0.9 seconds.

This is impressive if you are to compare with Clickfunnels, which, despite being a good platform, is slower. We estimate its average page speed to range from three to seven seconds.

When a page loads faster, you are likely to have high conversions, which means more sales and lots of profits. As a matter of fact, every marketer and entrepreneur grave for a daily repeat of high conversion rates.

Besides, Convertri builds sales funnel quickly, plus the sub-domain set up is also fast. It also has a vast array of templates for users to choose from and use. Accurately, you can set up an online site and make conversion within 30 seconds. We know it sounds like it’s from an alien planate, but it’s possible with Convertri.

8. It’s the Easiest Funnel Builder to Use

It’s easy to use Convertri, either you are an expert or newbie. With features like drag and drop, mobile editor, and one-click page recreation, you don’t need any other skills.

The platform is specially designed for business people, product sellers, marketers, and freelancers. With this in mind, Andy Fletcher created a simple, perfect tool for the entrepreneur seeking more sales.

So, using inbuilt features like drag and drop editor, users have an easy time changing text, moving buttons, or adding media files, among other design elements.

Unlike other funnel builders that use a complicated drag and drop editor, Convertri has made it flexible and possible to build sales funnel without codes, tech, or design skills. You select an element and place it on your page, then drag using the mouse to whichever position. Also, there is a button to undo the wrong moves.

According to, they have listed the following seven steps. If you follow them, you will be on a path of creating your first sales funnel. Here are the steps:

1: Click the button “Create New” and start building your page

2: Locate the name field and name your page

3: Choose your Domain to use with your page and click create

4: Select on your page, template selector or from scratch

5: Click the eye icon to preview the funnel.

6: Close the preview and continue editing or click “Use this Template” and go on with the designing process.

7: Name your page and click “OK.”

9. ? An Affordable Option

According to the site,, you can save $3267 per year if you opted for Convertri Vs ClickFunnels.

In fact, the site goes further to recommend Convertri, even though Russel Brunson’s innovation is the funnel builder people go for. Why? Because ClickFunnel is damn expensive. While Convertri offers is cheaper, and a perfect alternative, plus is opens pages faster.

If you take a critical look at the two, you’ll conclude, the noise about ClickFunnel is just hype. For example, Convertri is cost-effective and amusing with features as well. ClickFunnel takes an average of 3 to 7 seconds to open, while Convertri takes only 0.9 seconds.

So, between the two, Convertri gives you value for money. Still, you are guaranteed a faster conversion rate.

Also, you are guaranteed a score of 95/100 on Google’s benchmark Page Insights. All thanks to the accelerated page technology Andy and the team used when building the platform.

10. Dynamically Adjust Page and Replace Text

This how super cool it gets when you use Convertri.

First, you have the power to change page content while the viewer is still watching your videos, which increases conversion. How? It’s simple, and this feature allows you to drop the buy button five minutes after a site visitor starts viewing the video. This is good compared to having buy buttons popping up randomly on a page.

Second, is the test replacement feature, found on Unbounce and Instapage. The two tools are known for PPC marketing.

However, the dynamic of replacing text allows you to adjust a copy of your page with keywords. This can either be in ads or on the landing page based on URLs parameters. This function enables your visitors on search ads to receive results matching your landing pages queries.

Lastly, Convertri has a tool called DTR. It ensures you never lose visitors because of generic copies. That means every instrument on this platform is tailored to boosting conversions and making more money.

A Bonus for you-Creation of Sub-Accounts

You can use this feature to create awesome streaming pages and drive traffic effortlessly. For example, you can create automated sub-accounts and manage companies with their client integration.

Also, you can benefit from the account creation tool by splitting your business accounts. The platform allows up to 25 sub-accounts.

Last, the Convertri sub-account allows you to offer funnel building services. Yes, you can work as a freelancer, or as a corporate provided, you have access to the Convertri Agency plan. You create a design, saved in the sub-account, and send it to clients for editing or publishing.

The Bottom-line

There you have it, ten excellent benefits associated with Convertri. With the product, you will grow your business and host fashionable funnels that are in demand.

If you are to compare with other re-known funnel builders, like WordPress and ClickFunnels, you will conclude this tool is super awesome and easy to use. Plus, there are new releases every week that offer fixes and additional features.

Convertri is highly rated in the market. No doubt about that. It’s perfect for small businesses and online newbies.

Some exciting aspects I picked were the ease of use, OTOs, creation of upsells, and bump offers. Also, it took less time to design and was speedily as well.

In a nutshell, the tool is not complex or complicated to learn. You also have tutorials and support to facilitate you through this exciting marketing journey.

Finally, it takes less than a minute to get your 14-day trial underway. So, don’t wait any longer, start building amazing funnel fast.

convertri free trial

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