Swipe Pages Landing Page Builder with AMP Fast and Affordable

swipe pages landing page builder with AMP logo aSwipe Pages Super Fast Landing Page Builder with AMP Fast and Affordable

If you are looking for a fast and affordable landing page and funnel builder that requires no coding then look no further. Because Swipe pages delivers all the features you need to grow your business.

About Swipe Pages?

Swipe Pages is a super fast landing page builder ad funnel builder. It’s user friendly with drag and drop features, plus over 40 optimized templates. Lightening fast and one of the most affordable landing page builders.

It’s lightening speed is due to its uses AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).  We’ll talk  more about AMP in just a short while. But let us talk about what Swipe Pages to Build Fast Landing Pages is and why try it!

Swipe Pages is a web-based, software-as-a-service platform landing page software.

What makes Swipe Pages unique is that it has some of the best features that you can only see in Enterprise-level landing page software like:

  • Dynamic Text Replacements
  • AMP optimized landing pages
  • Built-in analytics and A/B split testing.

This saves you a lot of time and money. While having the top features that use marketers, developers and designers  use when building professional landing pages.

It’s a simple, yet well-balanced and professional landing page tool and builder that is easy to use for beginners through experts.

Click here if you’re in a hurry and check out Swipe Pages

In a nutshell is you are looking to build highly converting landing pages and sales funnels in minutes —  with these features:

  • Responsive
  • Mobile optimized
  • AMP (Google) pages
  • No coding required
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Integrates with email software and Zapier integrations
  • Offer 40+ beautiful conversion optimized templates
  • Run A/B tests using in-built Analytics
  • Get a Free trial with No credit card required

Then Swipe Pages is for you!

Who Uses Swipe Pages?

Digital Marketers & Agencies, B2B SaaS, Ecommerce companies and Startups looking to generate leads & sales from Google Ads, Facebook ads & other online advertising campaigns.

What Is Landing Page Software Such as Swipe Pages

In its simplest form landing Page software and funnel builder such as Swipe Pages helps marketers to increase conversions. In addition they can identify their most effective messaging by using A/B Testing.

Most Landing Page software’s integrate with many of the marketing tools marketer use everyday. Such as email automation, CRM, and web analytics. Many of the landing page tools require no coding experience which makes it easy to build your own landing pages.

Email Marketing software, Lead Management software, Marketing Automation software, Sales Enablement software, and SMS (Text) Marketing software are closely related to Landing Page software.

What is AMP and Why Is It a Swipe Pages Benefit

AMP is also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open-source HTML framework that provides fast, easy loading mobile pages that will help improve the user-experience.

So why is AMP an important feature? Besides providing a better user experience with fast speed and loads time. You will get SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. Typically in the form of organic free traffic.

So why is AMP a benefit of Swipe Pages?  AMP is open-source,  and you might need to find suitable ways of implementing it on your existing website. If you want super fast, easy loading, no code way to deliver beautiful landing pages and funnels without the complicated stuff –

That’s where Swipe Pages comes in <<

Swipe Pages Can Increase Your Conversion Rates?

Conversion rates is super important! You can drive all the traffic that you want, but conversion is key to your business success. Use Swipe Pages to get people to take the action that you want. Whether it’s to subscribe to your email list of buy your product.

Conversation rate optimization is crucial to your business. While you can buy a plethora of tools to measure tasks like A/B split testing tools, tracking software, landing page software and sales funnel software. Swipe Pages can help improve your conversion rates. As it has all the features that you need to do A/B split-testing, dynamic text replacement, AMP pages, and more.

Read on for in depth details about Swipe Pages, and  how it can help improve conversion rates.

Let’s dive in.

Features Of Swipe Pages

Check out these top features of Swipe Pages landing page builder and funnel builder.

Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

Easily create gorgeous landing pages with Swipe Pages. All you need to do is to model a landing page design that you like.

You can quickly drag-and-drop the elements, edit rows, columns and sections landing page builder, you can quickly edit sections to get an amazing look.

If you used other landing page platforms before, though there is a slight difference Swipe pages is similar in that you place and easily move basic parts such as rows, sections, columns, and elements.

Swipe Pages is user friendly and intuitive. After a few minutes its easy to see why it a choice for building landing pages.

Multi-layer Image Editing

One of the absolute best features is that Swipe Pages allows multi-layer image editing capabilities. This allows you overlay different images on top of one another to get the look you want.

Expensive funnel builder and landing page software tools such Kartra or Clickfunnels lack this feature. Multi layering features that are typically found on Photoshop or other graphic software can now be found in Swipe Pages.

Capture Leads and Send Them to Your CRM

What good is a landing page software if you it can’t capture leads. Gather email subscribers and send them to your email marketing software or CRM with Swipe Pages.

Add the Form Element in your landing page, or by creating a Popup with your form using Swipes Pages. Then you’ll connect this form into your email marketing or CRM software of your choice. Such as Aweber, or your preferred Email Marketing Company.

I use Aweber. It offers flexibility and service that marketers require.

Accept Payments Stripe Integration for Ecommerce

If you want to accept payments and sell your products or services on your landing pages, then Swipes will do the job. There is no need for shopping cart platforms. If you have Swipe Pages, you can now accept payments with it’s built-in Stripe Integration.

Lile most platforms there are limitations for this integration. If you want to send your new customer to your membership platform when they purchase. Then you’ll want to use Zapier to do that.  As of yet there is no built-in integration with membership websites.

Optimize Conversion With A/B Split Testing

If your landing pages are getting a decent amount of traffic , it’s a great idea to start A/B split testing. A/B split-testing will provide you with benefits to increase you conversion rates.

Optimize Your Landing Pages with Built-in Analytics

One of the feature with Swipe Pages is that you can see how your landing pages are performing with Swipe Pages built-in analytics.

Optimized for All Devices Mobile, Tablet and PC

Most users are browsing the web on their mobile devices and tablets. This is why the search engines are optimizing  for a mobile users best experience.

This is where Swipe Pages excels. Because landing pages created with Swipe Pages are optimized for all devices. Whether it is desktop, tablets, and mobile devices, the results are optimal for people using their favorite device.

AMP Optimized Landing Page With Swipe Pages Builder

Speed is essential is a user is to stay on your landing page, or any pages for that matter. Swipe Pages landing page builder uses AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.  When it comes to Google — it loves speed. And, Google is seen to give preference to rank these types of pages higher in the search engines as its  being cached in Google’s server.

That means pages created with Swipe Pages are super fast and  load almost instantly. Hence, they have a lightning icon on the search results, indicating that it’s an AMP page.

Dynamic Text Replacement with Swipe Pages

What is dynamic text replacement? It is a landing page feature that allows you to change the text of any content on your landing page dynamically.

You are able to do this by adding URL parameters that dictate what should change in the text.

Here’s an example on how you can use Dynamic text replacement. Let’s say you want to change the text of your landing page based on their geographic location.

You create dynamic text replacement on any content that you want to change to match the geo-location you specify.

This is an incredibly useful feature when running local PPC (pay per click) campaigns on ads such as Google Ads or Bing.

Unlike many other landing page builders that features Dynamic text replacement in their Enterprise-type landing page software packages such as Unbounce.

Swipe Pages allows you to easily create dynamic text replacement and add more relevance to your landing pages. A feature not to be missed and included with Swipe Pages.

Can You Power Your Website with Swipe Pages

Yes!, You can set Swipe Pages to be installed on the www of your main website and thus create your entire website with Swipe Pages.

This is great if you have a few pages on your website (like a one-product website) and would like to get a site up and running quickly without the need to buy separate web hosting, install WordPress, themes and plugins and do all the other stuff that is required when launching a website with WordPress.

Direct Integration with Several Software and Platforms

While there is Zapier for integration with over 1,000+ platforms, it’s nice to have direct integration with Stripe, Sendlane and other 3rd party tools that are commonly used. This helps make it easier to launch landing pages and campaigns without API or coding.

Ready Made Template Designs

For anyone wishing for a fast start, Swipe Pages offer, attractive and purposeful templates which are built for conversion.

You can also customize your pages for different screen sizes, a must for today’s cross platform world. All this means you not only save time & money but get better ROI on your ad campaigns.

Swipe Pages Landing Page Builder Plans and Pricing

There are plans to fit every need. While there is a monthly plan the best savings come with the annual plans which come with a 40% off saving.

Swipe Pages offer Start up, Marketer and Agency Plans starting at $19 a month with the annual plan.

To see the current prices and best plans – visit the Official Website Here <<

Swipe Pages Landing Page with AMP logo

Does Swipe Pages Offer a Free Trial

There is a 14 day trial to try out Swipe Pages. When you signup, you get full access to all the features in  the app in its entirety. This way you can be satisfied before you subscribe to the paid plans.

So what are you waiting for- Get started with Swipe Pages and start creating beautiful, super fast landing pages today! Swipe Pages




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