Market Your Business One Funnel Away Challenge

Market Your Business with ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

one funnel away 30 day challenge blueprint

ClickFunnels OFA Challenge Jump Start Your Marketing Your Business

If you want market your business the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge aka “OFA”! Learn who is your audience, how to reach them, using leads so you can capture them in your funnel.  You will learn all this and so much more so you can grow a profitable business.

The one funnel away challenge is for new and expert business owners who want to get the latest on how to market your small, local or larger scale business.

It’s intense, packed with golden nuggets and it is the best hundred bucks you’ll ever spend.

[toc]Not only will it change the way you look at business, it will motivate, inspire and show you can have? wealth in every area of your life.? If there just one thing you do to invest in yourself this year… it’s this! The 30 Day Challenge set out to be a one time event, due to its success and demand for more, it was released a few more times.

This wasn’t the intention so who knows when it may be stopped or, the? tiny investment increased at any time.?So if it the link is still live get signed up or if there’s a wait list get on it. This is one thing you don’t want to lose out on.

JOIN THE CHALLENGE – (if it’s still available)

The OFA 30 Day Challenge revealed and for a $100… seriously!

what does one funnel away cost $100 dollar billWhat is the “OFA” One Funnel Away Challenge

The one funnel away challenge started with an idea around a question many people have. The question “what would you do if you had to start over again”, its a question people want to know about life, money, relationship and in this case it was about business. Because any good business should make money. Which helps in all areas of life.

The idea grew when Russell sent emails to several two comma club award winners. They quickly replied and happy to take the challenge.

They shared their stories and blueprints of how they would start over. The answers are priceless and were complied into a book which is part of the 30 Day Challenge. The challenge shows you step by step how to market your business and finally get the traffic you want.

What is the Goal of the Funnel Away Challenge

The goal of the challenge was designed so that anyone can learn to make money, in a short period of time. In fact 30 days and turn their life around. With a few basic tool and doable strategies student can? start a business and grow a list. After growing a list then they can focus on converting leads into buying customers. And make money!

The challenge came from the following questions. This was asked of the experts and the challenge was set up in a way anyone can follow and take action to succeed. These were the questions that were the basis of the challenge… a reality for many people.

Here they are:

“You Suddenly Lose EVERYTHING…?all your money, along with your name and reputation, and only have your marketing know-how left

… bills piled high, people are harassing you for money over the phone…

…Plus, you have a guaranteed roof over your head, a phone line, an internet connection, and a Clickfunnels account for one month.

…You no longer have your big guru name, your following, or JV partners. Other than your vast marketing experience you’re an unknown newbie.

What Would You Do?… (from Day 1 to Day 30) If You Knew You Only Had ONE FUNNEL to Make Back Your Millions”

This was the One Funnel Away Question… the answers are pure gold… and, it was set up in a way that anyone who wants to turn their life around could.

Who Is the One Funnel Away Challenge For?

Short answer,? everyone! It is for anyone who longs for freedom, to never have to worry about money and take full control of their destiny the one funnel away challenge?is for you.

A life we want for most of us begins with having enough money.? Because money allows us to make choices. Let’s face it most of us don’t do the daily grind just for the fun of it.? We go because we have bills to pay, mouths to feed a day job has been the only option for most until now.

So if you want a life of freedom to be your own boss, make money on your terms and have the life you dreamed of the one funnel away challenge will show you exactly how you can have it all.

Does the One Funnel Away Work for All Businesses

Short answer… pretty much any business you can imagine! Men and women? have come from all kinds of backgrounds, many are brand to business while others have started a business and other ready to take their business to the next level. So what types of businesses do people start? Dream it and you can start.

They are product creators, membership sites, educational, marketing agencies, coaches, health practitioners, realtors, almost every service or product you can imagine.

Others run ecommerce stores,? affiliate marketers selling other people products, while others? have transformed brick and mortar businesses reviving them in the online space. Almost anything you can imagine can be taken and transformed into a passionate, profitable business.

Even if you have no idea yet, there are millions of products and ideas that people want to buy. Almost any idea can be transformed into a lucrative business in just 30 days following the one funnel away challenge.

Why is it a 30 Day Challenge?

Why a 30 day challenge?? what would you do if you suddenly lost everything and had 30 days to turn things around? The truth is most people wouldn’t know what to do… stay stuck in fear… not through lack of wanting to change but mostly because of not knowing where or how to begin.

It has? been proven that 30 days is the ideal time frame to go from start to finish turning an idea into a business with the blueprint.

Long term courses without a deadline leave most people stuck in learning mode. With the 30 day challenge people see results, they get inspired, motivated and understand they can be successful. Confidence drives momentum making it possible to change your life in 30 days.

Does the Challenge Work

It is an intensive course designed to cut the fluff and get to the point of marketing your product or service.? You follows a simple formula whether your are in ecommerce, affiliate marketing, coaching, consulting, etc…

Proven time and again for success in almost any market you can imagine. This is the same blueprint that has been used to create multi million dollar business.? The principles are the same and taught to you by the people who use it to create their empires.


OFA Challenge Join the 30 Day Challenge Button

Who Teaches the 30 Day Challenge

The goal? is to create a funnel around a business idea or an existing business. Your 3 coaches will take you every step of the way with daily challenges over a course of 30 days.

russell brunson clickfunnels OFARussell Brunson, now the sole owner of Clickfunnels(dot)com, eats, breaths and lives Clickfunnels when he’s not the spending time with his beautiful wife and their children.

Russell’s? training and software has transformed tens of thousands of business by creating cutting edge training and, the Clickfunnels software.

julie stoian OFA 30 day challenge coach

Julie Stoian is master at breaking things down into small understandable parts. She’s got your back with tips, tools and short cuts.

Besides being part of the official Clickfunnels team , she’s the owner of a multi million media agency she started from from scratch and funnel expert. And,? if that wasn’t impressive enough she’s a very busy mom.

one funnel away 30 day challenge coach steve larsen

Steve Larsen “Boom” Skip the coffee and get ready to be mind blown.

There’s never a dull moment blended with stories, marketing nuggets and truth bombs. Get ready for the much needed mindset adjustment, a dose of daily humor and get set for success.? Stephen is a husband, father with energy you’ll want to bottle 🙂

What’s Included in the OFA 30 Day Challenge

Once you get started in the OFA challenge. You’ll get access to the stories and blue prints from 30, 2 comma club entrepreneurs who cover a wide span of business models. The One Funnel Away Challenge is loaded in depth training with Russell Brunson, Steve Larson and Julie Stoian via video.

Sign up as soon as you can, once you get the materials so you can begin preparing your MIND for success. If you join a little late you can catch up with recorded video. There is daily homework so you can work on your business as you learn.

The Course Week by Week Highlights

  1. Pre Challenge Week ? Mindset – Discover your fears, break old beliefs and prepare for success.?
  2. Product offers ? How to Make Offers using the? ?Hook, Story? Offer?.
  3. ?Publishing – learn how to create graphics for your products, discover resources, create your? ?Epiphany Bridge?? and create your ?Hooks? from your origin story, review
  4. Core Funnel Strategy,? setting up your ClickFunnels share funnel, setting up the squeeze page, setting up the offer page.Traffic and promoting.??The goal is to get LEADS? which you will learn to convert to?NEW CUSTOMERS?.

There?s homework daily so set aside time daily to implement and build your business as you learn.

Building a funnel, you may need to adjust your funnel according to your product or service. If you don’t have Clickfunnel software get Clickfunnels FREE?for 14 days.? One of the goals is to get you making sales quickly, this will help cover the cost of your Clickfunnels software a must for any business. With Clickfunnels its easy to add and delete steps. Julie takes you through funnel sequence

30 Day Challenge Commitment

The OFA coaches are committed to your success. Check out rules of the challenge which will help you as you move through the one funnel away challenge.? Your Success is Their Success. Jump in with both feet, trust the process and you’ll reap the rewards. You can do this, this is the time you change your life!

one funnel away 30 day challenge rules

Is There Support?

The team has you back and sets you up for success. Along with Russell, Steve and Julie you have access to other members taking the challenge. Just like you they are learning… ask a question and someone will jump in and help. It’s a grind, your on a time frame to move you along… no time to procrastinate here… and that’s a good thing.

What is the Challenge Schedule – Flexible

If your wondering about the schedule of the challenge, no worries, it’s flexible. Participants from across the globe, many with jobs, kids and lives are taking the challenge.? If you miss a lesson catch up with replays. All the training replays will be typically posted in the members area within 24 hours to help you stay on track. It is set up for you to success. You can do this!

Is There a Guarantee for the One Funnel Away Challenge

Clickfunnels offers a guarantee. If you’re like most people you. You have likely spent thousands on training and got less than your bargained. The One Funnel Away Challenge is $100 plus the small cost of shipping for your book, workbook and bonuses.

The program is packed with much value, and offered for a tiny investment. Plus you cannot find this anywhere else.

For any reasons if the course is not for you, simply contact their customer support. All you do is return the kit and get your money back.

What Does the One Funnel Away Cost – $100…That’s It

Ok, so your wondering what does the one funnel away challenge cost?? ONE hundred dollars… yes, you heard that correctly, a complete blueprint for a hundred bucks. It’s packed with expert training taking you on a journey from day 1 – day 30.

If you wondering why OFA is so affordable it think it’s safe to say Clickfunnels is a smart business and they want to to see first hand what they have to offer. And, that Russell Brunson and the Clickfunnels team really want you to be a success.

Your success is their success. A freedom lifestyle is a passion and its part of their message to make the world a better place. Second, they have additional tools and software and if you are happy you will become a customer.

One funnels way challenge give first class training , as they teach you how to use the software by removing any tech overwhelm.

In the real world this level of training would be valued at tens of thousands, you everything you need to create a business that could transform your life.. All for a $100 Bucks… Yes… What are you waiting for??

What’s in the OFA Box – Course Resources

In the box you’ll find your resources:

The work book, fill in your steps and goals as you move through the course to success.

Official hard copy of 30 Day stories by all the contributors of what would they do if they had to start from scratch to make millions.

MP3 listen as you drive, work out… get ready to be inspired.

Two comma club, yes the million dollar club coaching hand book.

Is It Legitimate

The challenge is legitimate, for this price and what’s included it’s a valid questions. I have paid thousands for courses that never came close to what this course has to offer. This is a 30 day actionable course. It’s fast paced and will take you every step from your niche, to getting leads, making offers that people want to buy.

And it eliminates the technical overwhelm as you learn to use funnels. The Clickfunnels software, a must for today’s business. This is truly legit as I have experienced from all of the Clickfunnels training and products.


How to Join the Challenge

The internet has provided more choice, people are firing their boss, the 9-5 and creating their own business so they can achieve a life the only imagined.

So, if you ever wanted to turn an idea into a business, grow a business you have or sky rocket your online or brick and mortar business no matter what niche your in… this is for you! No excuses, it’s a $100 bucks… and what you will learn is priceless!

OFA Challenge Join the 30 Day Challenge Button

Start the 30 Day One Funnel Away Challenge

When Does the Next 30 Day Challenge Start

The next one funnel away 30 day challenge start in February. If you missed it and you have the chance get on the wait list. There’s no guarantee how often the 30 challenges begin. Anyone could be the last. It started with one and no plans for more… so get on the next challenge you can. Don’t miss out!

You Have a Choice Start the Challenge Now…
Missed It?? It Get On the Wait List

Join the One Funnel away challenge today choose which blue-rd pill

Are You Ready! Join the One Funnel Away Challenge

This is the time to change your life… If you are willing to take a little time, put in some elbow grease for the next 30 days. You’ll learn everything you need to start a business even if you have where to,

  • Learn from the best
  • Discover what is Clickfunnels and how to use the software
  • Launch your dream, change your business and…
  • Transform your life!
  • Get traffic to boost your business

Am I joining YES… you bet.

I’ve spent tens of thousands on so called guru’s… but nothing compares to the challenge, its fast, its tough, its comprehensive and there’s nothing like a 30 Day Challenge to Kick Your Butt into Gear.

Start marketing your business today!

Join the One funnel away 30 day challenge button


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