How to Get a Free WordPress Website with Hosting

Get a Free Website with Hosting

get a free website

Can you really get a FREE website with hosting? Yes read on…

Few things in life are free but to answer your questions “can I get a free website”, the answer, yes you can. And, your easy to build website is built on the worlds most loved platform WordPress through Wealthy Affiliate site builder called SiteRubix.

The website is hosted on the WA platform so you can get the experience of setting up a website with hosting for 6 months. After this time you may choose to go premium which gives you 25 websites with hosting, SSL certificates, training and support. Check out the free vs premium here.

Why Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer Free Websites?

It might sounds like a scam but I actually tried it so see it was for real. And it is, why would anyone give you a FREE website? The idea of free websites helps people to get their feet wet, when money is tight and so that they are starting their business. Below are additional reasons that WA offer websites for FREE:

  • Experience first hand their easy fast first class website builder
  • Get started building a business
  • Start growing the foundation of a business for people with little or no money
  • To experience other features such as free training, support and the community
  • If you like what you see then you’ll become a premium member, all part of the WA transparency

On top of all that those who take up the offer will get quality themes, and basic training to experience what’s on offer, and why not!

Read the Review Here

Watch the Build a Website Tutorial Here

Just click on the image, see the lesson and watch the video.

How to build a website in 30 Seconds or Less!

how to build a video in 30 seconds or less demo

[toc]Their open model and no pressure attitude is what attracted me to the WA in the first place. Their platform called SiteRubix and is free for you to check out, no strings attached.

While the WA offers you a way to get a free website including hosting, beware of free sites that claim to offer a free website. Most come with some nasty fine print that can ruin your business. Take a look at some of the downsides of free.

Discover the Upside and Downsides of Free

Not All Free Website Are Really Free

When you see the commercials and ads offering free websites be careful. Most come with a catch. You might be able to use “their” website builder but many come with hidden fee’s.

It works something like this. You begin set up your site, you put hours into it, it’s beautiful. Then just as you hit the complete you get the unexpected pop up. Hey, “pay for your hosting” here.

Since you need hosting for your site you have a choice. Either get your credit card out or abandon your project. Though the website builder was free… it may not have been clear that there would be extra charges. Even worse some come with hidden terms.

Beware of Hidden Terms and Contracts

You may have forked out money that you didn’t plan on, but things can be worse. Some free website offer additional goodies, like a professional email, a business phone number etc. As part of your brand you build your business around these assets often to find you are tied to a contract. Meaning if you stop paying you lose your website, possibly your domain and all that comes with it.

These assets are a lifeline to your business and you cannot afford to risk them so make sure you are getting a genuinely free website or at least find one that you can transfer away.

Transferring Websites

You may feel trapped or the service is lacking, but what if you could just transfer your website. It’s yours after all… or isn’t it? There are many platforms that do not allow you to move “your” site, leaving you stuck or starting over.

Most people never consider the option of transferring a website, who ever you choose make sure this is always an option. Never have your assets held hostage!

An Affordable Option to Free

Website’s can be set up relatively inexpensive. Your website is an asset, you can build a business and monetize it. It’s part of your business you must own it and control. So lets look at an affordable option to build a site.

What You Need to Build Your Asset

Here’s what you need to build a website on a tiny budget. Most of the websites you see are built on the? WordPress platform. I use WordPress and, have built numerous sites on the platform. It’s easy, free, and they have a ton of free tutorials.

Domain-? There are many domain services. I use Namecheap they are competitive, offer excellent support and, offer free privacy for your domain. You can get a cheap domain for around $8-$10 a year! Buy a Domain

If your not sure of what is a domain is – it is the name of your website, it maybe a business name such as Kate Wedding Cakes or it may be your own name. If your on a budget get the domain that is most relevant to your business. And, since there is only one of you I recommend getting a version of your own name as a domain.

Many people turn their personal name into a brand. If not now get it for the future. If your name is taken get creative put in your middle name, initial or add something to make it work.

Hosting – there are numerous hosting sites available. While want to stay in budget speed, support, security ease of use are very important. I look for Hosting companies with a track record.? Two that I have used are:

Siteground – offers a special price to start at just $3.95 per month. The first year is discounted and increase after that year. By then you could be earning enough not to worry. They offer top quality service and the dashboard is incredible easy to use. Check Out ==>Siteground Here<==

Benefits to Having Your Own Site

There are many benefits to owning your site. For less than $10 a month you can have your own hosting, domain and set up a professional Email address. You can build a website in very little time with comfort of knowing you:

  • Own Your Website your asset
  • Can Transfer Your Website
  • Can Transfer Your Domain
  • Never held hostage by a so called free site contract

Whoever you choose always ask questions if your not sure and perform your due diligence. A good domain and hosting company will be happy to help and answer your questions.

A FREE WEBSITE with Hosting Option

In the beginning we wrote about a free website and hosting option.? As a free member of the Wealthy affiliate you can build a free website with hosting and even get free training. It’s not just a free trial its an actual membership.

Your membership comes with a website and its a great way to practice building a website for up-to 6 months. This is to make sure you are building a business. There’s no pint having a free website if your not going to use it, makes sense.? It is build on their SiteRubix platform so be sure to read the details but there are certainly people using and building a business on this platform.

Want More Websites? If you opt to become a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate you get a total 25 websites on your own domains and, the other 25 will use the Siterubix extension. You will likely not go over 25 sites.

You will also get full training for affiliate and Internet marketing and you will get hosting. The cost for a year for all of this just $49 a month or for a limited time $459 a year.

What ever you choose be aware, read the print, ask questions. There are free websites but they are not always the best.

* These prices are current as of writing this article.

Want to know more about SiteRubix – the easiest website builder click ==>Here<== link to read about the benefits

Better Still. If you want complete training, support and 25 websites with hosting, don’t put it aside and get a fee website with Affiliate Marketing Today! Start with a FREE Membership (no credit card required) or go all in and go Premium!


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