Clickbank University 2.0 Review for Beginners

ClickBank University 2.0 Review for Beginners

ClickBank 2.0 – Training for Affiliates & Publishers

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Course Overview

    • Product Release Date: May 1, 2018
    • Creators: Justin Atlan & Adam Horwitzofficial clickbank 2.0 review
    • Category: Affiliate marketing training
    • Review Grade: A+
    • Guarantee: 100% Money Back For 30 Days Unconditionally
    • Where to Get It: Official Website 

WHAT IS CLICKBANK UNIVERSITY 2.0 and Is it for Beginners

ClickBank University 2.0 is the one and only official ClickBank training program. Taught by two experts who are masters in affiliate marketing and product creation. In review Clickbank University 2.0 appears to great options for beginners. In fact its well suited to beginners and novices alike.

Adam, a super affiliate who made his first 6 figures on the ClickBank platform when he was just 20 years old. Using other people’s YouTube of all things videos to promote digital products.

Justin made his first million as a ClickBank publisher with his own products. So when it comes to learning everything Clickbank who better to learn from.

Why ClickBank for Beginners?

ClickBank offers thousands of products and services in almost every niche you can imagine. It’s the go to market place for affiliates looking for their ideal products to sell. They offer digital reports, courses and? have recently added physical products.

You’ll find products on most any niche you can imagine. And, it’s the place for product creators? “vendors” to market their products.? Click Bank’s beginnings were humble starting in a garage in 1998 and, since grown into a 3-billion-dollar ecom giant.

With the marketplace front page boasts ClickBank’s clients will earn close to one hundred million dollars this year. This is exciting news for anyone entering this industry!

Clickbank Invests in Learning

Clickbank has a vested interest in the success of their affiliates and vendors. Simply put, the more money you make with them, the more money they make too.

The first version of ClickBank University was released in 2013 with the updated 2.0 release in 2018. This training excels keeping students current as the market changes. That is why this training is so great!

Training Modules

Core Curriculum #1: 8-Week Affiliate Track

Instructor: Adam Horwitz

You will love being taught by Adam. Adam is a super affiliate and excellent teacher. He brings a unique ability to think out of the box and has generated millions leveraging the power of the Internet as an affiliate on ClickBank.

The 8-week Affiliate Track is for those who want to make easy money promoting other people’s products.

Affiliate Marketing is for you if:
  1. Just starting out making money on the internet
  2. Haven’t generated tons of money online yet
  3. Don’t want to create a product or even a website

The 8-week Affiliate Track is the easier path. It’s the quickest path to success, some affiliates who’ve? taken Adams training began making money that same day.

Core Curriculum #2: 12-Week Publisher Track

Instructor: Justin Atlan

Justin generated his first million dollars as a ClickBank publisher with his own products. While publishing takes a little more longer to learn it’s worth investing the time.

A good products may sell 50… even 100 times a day making money while you sleep… it’s possible to have an automated money making machine.

ClickBank Publishing is for you if want to:

  1. ?Run a full-blown information publishing business
  2. ?Ratchet up your success to the next level
  3. ?Leverage ClickBank’s massive affiliate network

Justin has done this multiple times and taught students to do the same. If the publishing path is for you, he’ll teach you how, too.

ClickBank University 2.0 Is Live Click Here To Check It Out

adam horwitz justin atlan clickbank university instructors

In addition to the Affiliate and Publisher tracks, you’ll also get targeted training, resources and tools worth thousands of dollars:

Additional Resources

Private FaceBook Group

You’ll get access to the private ClickBank U 2.0 FB group. Interact and share strategies and collaborations with like-minded members and, you’ll find Adam and Justin interacting in the group.

Bi-Weekly Expert Classes

Every two weeks Adam and Justin will inspire as they bring in people just like you you experienced great success. Their aim is to show you real-life examples of people who are living the dream. Showing you exactly how you can do it too.

Special Curated Add-on Training

You’ll learn strategies to help you focus on a specific area of marketing. Marketing lessons such as video marketing, copy writing or marketing on platforms such as Facebook. Each training will stack onto your learning, training and ultimately, your success.

ClickBank Toolkit

Inside, you’ll find all the tech tools you need to run your business simply, quickly and easily. You get video’s, how-to pdfs, checklists and starter guides saving time and money learning the shortcuts and tricks to get things done effectively. (often for free.)

The Traffic Center

The traffic center teaches how to generate almost unlimited traffic and clicks, practically on demand. Inside ClickBank University 2.0, you get brand new modules that deliver the latest traffic training. In easy to follow video tutorials.

You’ll learn how to? to drive a stream of traffic to your own offers (or to someone else’s) whenever you want. Traffic methods is a must for success whether you choose the affiliate or publisher route. The marketing and traffic methods are worth the price alone.

Live Events

Never miss an opportunity to connect you’re welcome to attend ClickBank’s private events. These events are reserved for people who maintain a special relationship with ClickBank. As a valued student you will be invited to attend for a fraction of the cost.


ClickBank Builder 2.0

This is optional tool, while some may consider this an upsell, its really an? integral part of growing your business. The Clickbank builder is a drag and drop tool that can help create professional websites, landing pages and funnels with ease.

There are others tools to choose that do similar but it may be easier to use as it works well with the training. I often use Clickfunnels for marketing product outside of Clickbank. But, when your just beginning simplicity is key to faster growth.

I highly recommend picking one course, one path and giving it your all.

This is how to have real success! Clickbank University 2.0 gives the opportunity to learn from the best with a supportive community and the easiest tools all in one place.

ClickBank University 2.0 Is Live. Click Here To Check It Out

How I Write a Review – The ClickBank University 2.0

I’m picky with products, tools and courses. As a full time affiliate marketer and coach I write only a few reviews. Many reviewers go into lengthy details, only to slang a course before redirecting you to another. That’s not my style! If its good I’ll share it, if’s it a crap I leave it and, I will only review what I have personally used.

Sounds fair…

Disclosure: The operator of this website is a 3rd party marketer. Should you invest in product/service appearing on this site, we are compensated for sales made through our affiliate links. At no additional cost to you. For this we thank you. If you have any questions please contact me (Andi) at

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