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Best Internal Link Building Plugin Tool – Link Whisper Linking Made Easy!

Link Whisper Internal Link Building Tool

If you’re scaling your online business you are likely aware of how certain seo strategies can help to increase your exposure. And, one such strategy is building internal links. Yet so many people fail to do this because… well, it can it is a tedious and time consuming task. Until now!

In my quest to find the ‘best Automated Internal Link Building Tool’ I found Link Whisper and had to check it out. If you’ve been struggling with or avoiding building internal links then you’ll want to check it out too. Or, if you want to learn more then I share my finding below.

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What Is Link Whisper and Why Is It the Best Internal Link Building Plugin

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So what is Link Whisper?

To put it simply Link Whisper is a plugin (tool) that helps easily manage and add internal links to websites. This may sound like a basic. But internal linking is crucial when it comes to optimizing your website. Once a tedious job Link — Whisper is a game changer when it comes to creating internal links  giving your website an edge.Link Whisper link building plugin find links, identifies broken and orphaned content so you can quickly and easily create internal links. Getting the Google love you deserve!

Why Internal Linking Matters & How Link Whisper Plugin Improves Linking Easily

Linking relevant article together gives your visitors a better experience. And when your visitors are  enjoying the site and spending more time search engines like Google get signals. Google’s algorithms pick up that your site is well-constructed and providing value.

And, as a result you get a little more of Google love helping you rank higher in the search engines. This all can result in making your website more profitable.

Though most people are aware of the above equation all too often linking building gets side lined because frankly it is a pain. Until now… as LinkWhisper is really the best tool for building internal link. It simplifies the task which can be performed in a fraction of the time. So by now you have to  be wondering what does it cost?

How Much Does Link Whisper Cost?

best internal link building tool
Price Chart 2021

At the time of writing this linkwhisper 2021 article the above chart shows the costs of the plugin. Price is often the first thing that comes to mind when considering a new plugin or tool for WordPress. With so many different tools claiming to be essential for different things, it can be hard to reconcile yet another plugin purchase, and they certainly can add up quickly.

Fortunately, Link Whisper is not very expensive, at least compared to many other plugins out there. The cost for a single site is $67 per year $97 for three sites, and $147 for ten sites. That boils down to $5.58, $8.08, and $12.15 per month, respectively.

All things considered, the cost is fairly reasonable for the time it saves and the SEO value involved. And, of course, if you have more than one site, it’s a only makes sense to go with at least their three site plan, as you immediately save a lot of money.

All in all, Link Whisper doesn’t charge very much compared to other plugins in the industry. That being said, it also doesn’t yet have a wide range of complex features. What you are purchasing is a plug in that helps you create and manage internal links.

LinkWhisper Link Building Toll Features

Thankfully link whisper is a simple plugin that’s easy to use unlike many cumbersome tools. And, though there aren’t a ton of features, it does exactly what you want it to do – and that is to build internal links easily.

Add Suggested Links to Pages/Posts With a Few Clicks

When you first open up the Link Whisper dashboard in WordPress, you’ll be met with a list of your current articles and pages. As well you will see the number of inbound internal, outbound internal, and outbound external links.

The feature looks simple but don’t let that put you off. This dashboard does exactly what you need it to do and that is to identify where you can improve your articles by adding in a few links here and there.

The main feature in the dashboard, other than the link statistics, is that you can select an article and then embed that article within other similar articles on your site without even having to leave the Link Whisper dashboard.

This is how the feature works. In your dashboard, find an article you want to appear in more places on your site, then click – Add. Here, we’ll be using a sample article about hiking to Broken Top, a mountain in Oregon.

Click Add and you’ll be taken to this screen, complete with suggestions for other places on your site where you can add this link:

LinkWhisper 2021 in review

Essentially, what Link Whisper is doing here is crawling through all the other articles. This way it can find ‘relevant content’ to find text that matches you’re selected article.

You can also do this from the bottom of each article as you’re posting it, which we’ll talk about next. But from the dashboard, this is pretty much what you can do.

Suggestions and Linking Tools on Blog Posts

Using the linking feature in the dashboard is great, and it allows you to take articles you’d like to feature more and embed them in articles all across your site. Let’s say that instead, however, you’d like to add more outbound internal links to an article. Here’s how to do it.

Link Whisper Outbound Links

To add outbound links to an article, just navigate to any post on your site. From there, scroll to the bottom of the post, and you’ll see a similar display to the one above.

LinkWhisper scans through the articles on your site and matches them up with the topic and text of the article you’re viewing. You can then see whether or not it’s made a good match, and you can add links from there.

In this particular example here, neither of the suggested links made sense to include. It’s important to mention that, because it’s one of the flaws of Link Whisper: you’ll get a lot of link suggestions that don’t make sense. However, this kind of flaw is to be expected with this type of plugin, so it’s not that big of a problem. With that said Link Whisper internal link building tool is on top of its game and ever making life better for bloggers and marketers alike.

And with that, we’ve covered all the real features of Link Whisper! It might seem like a small list, but that’s because Link Whisper is a very simple plugin that accomplishes a few basic tasks that make life a lot easier if you’re looking to improve on-site SEO.

Helpful Uses for Link Whisper

There are a number of uses for Link Whisper that should make it an attractive plugin for affiliate marketers, because internal linking is extremely important for a well-built website. Here are the main benefits of using Link Whisper.

Boost Organic Search Rankings

The main thing that internal linking is used and emphasized for is on-site SEO. The reason internal links are so important for SEO is that more links on a page help show search engine crawler bots that your site is legitimate. And that you’ve built a solid framework of content.

You don’t necessarily want to overdo it with the internal links. Especially for the sake of not bombarding your readers with unnecessary content. Buy by adding a few internal links to each article can dramatically boost your organic search rankings. Bring more traffic to your site.

This, above all else, is likely one of the biggest reasons to use Link Whisper.

Save Time While Interlinking

It goes without saying that Link Whisper allows you to save a ton of time that can be spent doing more rewarding things for your site. This is a huge plus, and a time is always a good reasons to review tools such as Link Whisper. This way you can go back through old posts and adding links is incredibly time-consuming.

Update Old Content Faster

If you have content that is not yet linked Link whisper can help to update orphaned articles. Link Whisper will save time and make this tedious tasks easily so you never have to neglect linking again.

This way you can give life to old content helping with search engine optimization for your website.

Broken Link Reports for an Easy Fix

Wonder if worry that you have an 404 pages or broken links on your site then Link Whisper makes it easy. You can see all your broken internal and external links. You can also quickly edit or remove any broken links within Link Whisper.

Provide Value to Readers

Visitors come to your website to in search of information and search engine such as Google track such information. By adding internal links to your articles you can provide value to your reader as well as can encourage the visitor to increase visit time. Which is often a plus is search engine rankings. It’s a win-win!

Link Whisper Alternatives

Though Link Whisper is somewhat original in what it does, there are other plugins that can accomplish similar tasks. Though, not all are as handy as Link Whisper which I consider the best internal link building plugin.

You can embed links from within the plugins, but you still have to decide on certain keywords that you want to add links to, and decide which link you want to be applied to those keywords.

Link Whisper does all of the work for you by finding keywords in your articles as well as determining which articles on your site are best fit to embed within those keywords. In total, although there are free link manager plugins out there, they don’t offer quite the same utility and functionality that Link Whisper does.

The wildly popular Yoast plugin also suggests internal linking where possible, but is more expensive than Link Whisper and does not operate in the exact same manner.

Is Link Whisper Worth The Money?

Link Whisper is a time-saving  plugin that does the job it claims to. It allows affiliate marketers, bloggers and anyone with a website to improve and increase their search engine optimization results. For the time savings it comes in at a relatively low price point.

So if you’re looking for the best internal link building plugin, I recommend you check this one out Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Guarantee

If you don’t love it and I’m sure you will Link Whisper offers a 30 day refund for any reason.

Choosing plugins carefully is crucial as too many plugins can sometimes hurt your site speed, So its important to have only the best plugins that serve your website and link building should be one of them.

Editor and Theme Compatibility

Link Whisper is compatible with the top editors and themes. Like — Classic editor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Thrive, Architect, Elementor, WooCommerce and Kadence Blocks.

Training and Support Link Whisper Knowledgebase

Link Whisper offers a huge knowledgebase to help you use the internal link building  easily and effectively. Each section is broken done in to bite size pieces that are easy to understand.

And you’ll be happy with their support so you never have to work about utilizing your internal link building plugin. (which works like other plugin’s with a simple download and activate with a key that you’ll receive once purchases.

Concluding the Best Automated Internal Link Building Plugin LinkWhisper

In this overview I covered a lot of details about this Link Whisper internal link building plugin. Its easy to use and give helps get the Google love your websites need. But don’t take my word for it. Link Whisper has a 30 day guarantee with a no question refund policy, so you have nothing to lose. Get it today here!

Internal Link Building Tool Link Whisper


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