Amalinks Pro Review Can It Boost Amazon Commission Really

Amalinks Pro Review | a Table Builder for Amazon Sellers to Boost Amazon Commissions

How would you like to build cool looking table for your Amazon blog to increase your sales?

best plugin for amazon review site

In this Amalinks Pro review, we take a look at what is Amalinks.? And, how this table builder works to help increase sales which means more commission. And, how it works with or without  an API key!

Searching for the Best Table Builder for Your Products in Your Amazon Blog

I came across Amalinks Pro while searching for the ‘best table builder’ for Amazon Review sites. In reviewing amalinks I discovered that it is more than a simple table builder and realized I had to buy it.

So in full disclosure I bought it and want to share my findings… that as an Amazon affiliate I think are valuable. With that discolure out of the way lets get to the review.

WHAT IS AMALINKS PRO for AMAZON PLUGIN? is a WordPress plugin for Amazon Affiliates. It connects directly to the Amazon API so you can create neat and appealing product showcases. These can include images, buttons that contain your affiliate links without ever leaving your WordPress editor.

This makes writing Amazon reviews and adding affiliate links to your articles faster and easier than ever before. Amalinks Pro plugin can also increase sales and your affiliate commission because the buttons have higher click-through rates vs text links

Amalinks Pro offers a version that has a Table Builder to build product comparison tables in your reviews.

Best Comparison Table for Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon links allows you to create amazing comparison tables that your customers will love. Create clean easy to navigate tables with images, buttons that you can customize for the look of your site.

Here you can see one of the table examples and why it has high appeal for buyers. See the amazing tables on Amalinks Pro website here.

Amalinks Pro Demo table

Is Amalinks Pro Easy to Set Up – Newbie Friendly

Amalink is incredibly easy to set up, its completely beginner friendly.? There are simple tutorials that show you exactly how to set up your plugin in just a few minutes. No tech skills required.

You can also watch?this demo video to see how incredibly simple it is. In a few minutes you will see how easy it is to set up the Amalinks plugin. Even if you have? exactly how it works in less than ten minutes (yes, it seriously is that easy even for non-techy people like me).

Is it Gutenburg Friendly

Amalinks is Gutenburg and classic friendly and both versions are demonstrated in the tutorials. Whichever you prefer Amalinks allows you to add affiliate text links, buttons, and, create tables with the pro version.

Do You Need an Amazon API for Amalinks Pro

The great news is Amazon links PRO offers multiple ways to add links to your pages. You may have read in other review of Amalinks pro that an API, Product advertising key but that is not the case unlike most plugins.

So even if you lost access to your API or are new and don’t yet have access yet then see why Amalink Pro works without an API on the info page here.


In this Amalinks Pro review you are probably getting an idea of the opportunities, and, you’re wondering how much does Amalinks Pro cost? There are a few great options to choose from whether you have one review website or several.

At the time of writing this article Amalinks Pro Basic package without the optional table builder extension costs $67 per year. This one can be used on up to five websites. The Premium version includes the table builder and can be used on 25 websites at a time. This costs $197 per year.

If subscriptions aren’t your thing, then consider an investment in the Platinum package which requires a one-time payment of $497. This can be used on unlimited websites for the rest of your life. What’s not to like about this! Especially when it comes to selling products on Amazon these neat tables boost conversions , therefore sales. However you can always take the trial and see how easy it is to use before committing. See below.

Prices are correct at the time of writing this article**

Free Trial

Better than a free trial! There is a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee so you can really get to know and use the Amalinks Pro plugin.

And, if you’re wondering what happens if you create links? As long as you leave the plugin installed the links will stay active.

Amalinks Pro In Review

As I mentioned in the beginning I searched for the best plugin for my personal Amazon review sites. I found plugins that offer separate features. One is a table builder, one a buttons builder and then I had to log in to Amazon, grab the API and so on.

Then I found Amalinks Pro a plugin that does everything I require and more. This lead me to writing the review of Amalinks Pro to share with you! It’s a tool I love.

Thanks for checking out the review and please remember that this post contains affiliate links. So that means if you choose to invest in Amalinks Pro I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, this helps me to keep writing reviews for the best tools to boost your business!

Get Yours today!


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