Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Tips to Understand Your Audience

affiliate marketing tips for beginnersOne of the best tips for affiliate marketing beginners is to know who their audience is. Once you know you who they are you can instinctively predict what products they like and want.

Before you enter any niche, market research is crucial.

This can make or break the success of your business. Get it right and your income will sky rocket even if your an affiliate marketing beginner.

One reason many new affiliate marketers struggle to convert readers into buyers is because they didn’t understand their market. Follow the pointers below and you can go from a beginner affiliate to enjoying affiliate success. Let’s start look at customer avatars.

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What is Your Customer Avatar

What’s a customer avatar? An avatar is a description of your ideal customer. You would want to know everything about you the people you are reaching out to so you can connect and help them.

Let’s say you have chosen weight loss as a niche. Next its time to create a picture of who you will help. What is their gender… how old are they? What are their likes, interests and do they have family?

Is he/she a career person or a stay-at-home? This is a part of building your avatar. Now its time to discover their needs, wants and desires.

Needs, Wants and Desires

When people say they want to lose weight, there typically deeper reasons why. Maybe they want to get back into shape after giving birth so they can feel confident again. Once you know you can speak to their needs, their pain and how you have a solution.

These questions will help both you and your customer. Saving you a ton of time and wasted energy. Imagine if you targeted everyone that wanted to lose weight it would be almost impossible to speak to all of their needs.

If you’re business is weight loss for women in their fifties, your customer may be a career woman or a housewife. In most cases, she will not be trying to lose weight after a pregnancy but looking to lose weight to look or feel better.

Her weight loss goal may be to look better or for health reasons. Gentler exercise programs like Pilates or Yoga is a good option. So, instead of trying to sell hardcore training programs focus more on promoting yoga DVDs, yoga mats, etc.

While some questions overlap such as when to eat and what to eat, there is no need to get too specific. But you must have a general idea of whom you’re speaking to so you can tailor your message accordingly.

Where Do Your Customers Hang Out?

Some people hang out on Facebook others are on Instagram, Pinterest, forums and other social media platform.  Scan these platforms and you’ll be able to learn a lot about the niche and where there are gaps not being filled by the market. You can then target these areas with your marketing.

Over and above that, knowing where your audience hangs out will be very helpful when it comes to traffic generation later on.

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What are Their Problems?

Facebook groups, forums and other places where your audience congregate will likely have a ton of information. Check out the posts and see what questions their asking? What are their most common problems?

Once you Understand your ?tribe? you can give value and you’ll quickly gain a very loyal audience. These places are a goldmine of information.

Find Helpful Products

You will notice that there are certain helpful products while others are not so great. Success leaves a pattern, don’t re invent the wheel sell what works and dump the rest.

However, if you find a great products look for complimentary products and keep an eye open for updated versions.

What Other Issues Do Your Audience Have to Scale Your Business

Another of the affiliate marketing tips is knowing how to scale you business. For example some niches can be related without you even realizing it. For example, the man who wishes to lose weight and get ripped abs, may be doing it to attract more women.

He’ll probably also be interested in guides that teach him how to be more confident, how to talk to women and even how-to pick-up women, etc.

This meet women/men are a very popular industry online and rake in a ton of sales. Curious? try marketing one products in this niche and if it works. You can continue to build and promoting products related to this massive niche.

You can replicate the above idea in most any chosen niche. This is not necessarily a beginners tips for affiliate marketing, but one that will really make money online

Concluding Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

These tips for beginners will help you start and succeed online. Once you pick a niche, take the time to research your audience and create and avatar. This is how you go from affiliate marketing for beginners to creating an affiliate marketing empire online. Join Thousands of People Learning to Make Money Online – Join Today! 

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